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Friday, August 18, 2006

My Weekly Listening 18/08/06...

For all of you lamenting the demise of the Type Chat board I thought it was maybe time I came up with a makeshift replacement... seeing all these people posting blogs everywhere I guess I felt drawn to the idea that I could do something like this myself. How pointless maybe, but at least I can vent some opinions.

Well this weekend was rather odder than ususal so for the early part of the week all I could listen to was Diane Cluck... if you don't know anything about this incredible singer/songwriter I suggest you research. She has one of the most beautiful voiceboxes of any lady I can think of right now (okay maybe I'm going over the top but please bear with me) and her handful of albums keep me sane when the rest of the world collapses. I think the one which had most impact this week in particular is 'Macy's Day Bird', which was her first full album, and has recently been reissued on the reliable Important imprint. It's a stunning collection of lo-fi songs; honest, heartfelt and deeply touching... if you haven't heard it I suggest you spend some of your hard earned or use some bandwidth up post haste. I managed to catch her live in Manchester a couple of weeks ago (and got to chat to the lady... wahey!) and she was fabulous... most of her recordings are one-take things, so you can imagine, she sounds just as breathtaking live as she does on record...

Also floating my boat this week has been Beirut's simply unbelievable 'Gulag Orkestar' album on Ba Da Bing!. It's not every day when I get insanely jealous that I hadn't released something myself, but every time I listen to this cd I think damn, this is my perfect record. Okay it's been blogged to death already and you don't need to hear it from me too but fuck it, here I am, it's a great album and the fact that a whole load of people love it too just makes it even better. So there. Call me a sell out why dontcha. 'Postcards From Italy' threatens to make me cry daily.

On a different tip I heard Nachtmytium's 'Instinct: Decay' album this week for the first time and it knocked me for six. If you're into death metal at all, this is damned progressive, using acoustic guitars (errrr) and long drawn out almost shoegazer style segments... not your usual deathy fare but it works, it REALLY works. I ordered the double vinyl pic disc (i'm such a sucker for that shit) straight away... it's well limited if you want it so you'd better get it quickly.

Two quickies I feel I ought to mention too... although they're both Boomkat's albums of the week this week I feel obligated to say 'hell yeah' because they're such incredible releases - namely the utterly stunning Tortoise rarities compilation 'The Lazarus Taxon' on Thrill Jockey and Broadcast's rarities compilation 'Future Crayon' on Warp. These two bands shaped my teenage years and without them I might not even give a fuck about music at all, Broadcast especially gave me a huge smack to the craniumn when I first came across their early 7"s... Birmingham's finest!

One film recommendation (considering my weeks DVD watching has included hits such as Day of the Dead, again and Toxic Avenger 2, yawn, I'm happy I can safely recommend something contemporary) Terry Gilliam's 'Tideland' - okay so you may have heard it's all shocking and is about drugs/necrophilia/a 10 year old girl... yep this is true, and although that might appeal to the side of my nature that spent years collecting video nasties, this is a surprisingly beautiful movie. Like last year's misunderstood 'Palindromes' the first reaction will be that of disgust and probably fear, but let the film show itself to you, absorb the message, and you won't be forget it easily. A beautiful, thoughtful and poetic film... one of the best I've seen in some time actually. It's not a movie for everyone, not a chance, but if you think you can stomache the disturbing nature of it then go and see it, I emplore you. Gilliam needs the money to carry on making these sort of maverick films.

I guess that's it for the moment, although Helios 'Eingya' vinyl tests just rolled into the office and sound ace. Should be ready for release in a couple of weeks - we've just changed pressing plants so any new Type vinyl will sound rather fab.


At 11:55 AM, Blogger amnoti said...

thanks as always for the recommendations.

hope to hear some of them in the next radio-show

At 1:51 PM, Blogger dave said...

It's not quite the Type chat but thanks for the recommendations.

Looking forward to all the new Type releases later this year.

At 10:52 AM, Blogger seanherman said...

is there anywhere that would have a listing of Diane Cluck's live performances, along with news updates and such? I've found a couple sites selling her stuff, but no real source of news or information.

Also, have you heard her self titled release? I own the rest, and am curious whether that's worth a purchase.


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